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C is high level and procedure oriented language.the terms high level describe the computer in less detail and easy to use.

What is the difference between high level and low level language?
Let’s Suppose an example of AC,then cooling fans,nuts,and many body parts can be called Low level and group of this parts are combined called High level.The aim of any high-level computer language is to provide an easy way to give an instructions to computer.In computer this high language translate into machine level language by some software.

The Advantages of C language

C is designed for general-purpose programming.
    It is most flexible high-level language.
C allows programmers to organized programs in clear,logical and easy way.
C allows commands that are not valid in other languages.
By using C,we can use every resources your computer offers.
C provide a framework in which it is easy to programming.

Basic Structure of C language

Documentation section
Link section
Definition section
Global declaration section
Main() Function section
     Declaration part
     Executable part
Subprogram section
#function 1
#function 2
#function n

Basic “hello world” program of c:

void main()
  printf(“Hello World!”);

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